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The DEX 2.0 Utilization and Navigation video has been posted to School Support Hub > General Resources > “How to Use and Navigate Data Exchange (DEX2.0)”.

NOTE: Discipline reporting guidance including templates have been hidden for editing.

A new version of the LINK Portal will be launched on Monday, February 26, with a new interface and the ability to save your favorite applications so they appear immediately after logging in. The system will still allow users to use their school corporation Google or Microsoft credentials to access IDOE applications and resources. Contact Brad Hagg with any questions.

To add some additional clarification here, the only thing that is changing with access to various applications is how the LINK Portal looks and that users will see their favorite applications/tiles when they login. However, since no one will initially have any favorite LINK tiles, they will initially see no tiles listed upon first login. They will need to click on all or search for the tile and then favorite it by selecting the star in the top right corner. 

Click here for a brief preview video as an introduction.