How to Submit a New Create Request in the Ed-ID Portal

1. Complete all required fields and then click Submit.

The system will compare against the state database to ensure there is no existing unique ID. 

  • If there are no potential matches above 90%, then the request will be automatically approved.

    • If no matches are found, the system will randomly generate a new Ed-ID and return it to the school user.

    • If there are several potential matches, the request will be electronically routed to the appropriate Identities Approver at IDOE, FSSA, or other state agency for human review. The Identities Approver may reach out to the local for additional information or documentation. 

    • Note: If a student only has one name, submit the same name in both the first and last name fields.


2. Complete the Submission Notes:

It is required to enter information in the Submission notes field for IDOE. Suggestions include:

  • Short note about the student: New kindergarten student, transfer from Indiana school, transfer in from out of state, etc.

  • Short note about you: Your name, email address and/or phone number.

  • Short note about why this student may be different from a student that appears in the search with a match over 90%.